Panama Metro, Line 1

We are proud of our collaboration in the execution of one of Panama's largest civil engineering projects. The project entailed the works for Panama City's Metro, the budget for which was 1,500 million dollars and was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF). The main objective of our plant in Panama was the manufacture of all the precast concrete structures necessary for the Metro construction.

The contract involved the construction of Line 1 of Panama City's Metro, which is 14 km long, has 16 stations and runs through the city centre. Pacadar was in charge of 5000 m of double elevated section of the Panama City Metro Line 1. This sector crosses some of the most important streets of the city. The piers are 10 m tall and spans of 30 m. The project was finished in 2012 and now Grupo PACADAR is in charge of the manufacture of the precast beams for Line 2 of the Panama Metro. The production of these elements has been carried out in PACADAR’s on-site plant.

The beams will be of the same type as those used for line 1, that is, U-beams with lengths of up to 30,00 m and weights of nearly 160 t.

Project Data

  • Implementation time: 5 months
  • Production rate: 10 Beams week
  • Assembly rate: 1 Span per night
  • Client: FCC + Oderbretch

Box Beams

Type Quantity Lenght(m) Volume (m3)
U Box beam 4,10x1,80 340 18-27 15,000
L Box beam 4,10x2,30 30 24 900
U Box beam 4,10x2,50 186 20-30 8,500
Totals 556   24,400

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