SAICA Cooling Tower, Zaragoza

SAICA Cooling Tower, Zaragoza
  • Sector: Oil & Gas

The project is a 3-cell tower, with every cell having a surface of 14x14m.

Both interior and exterior enclosures have been made with 20 cm thick solid panels supported by the foundation and/or the beams. The columns are provided with corbels on their four sides (most of them). On one of the façades, a special corbel with a projection of 170 cm has been provided to fix the channel beam.

The roof consists of a grid of statically indeterminate grid of slabs, beams and columns with a total height of 13 m.

Due to the environmental conditions where the project is set, the concrete used has been manufactured with cement resistant to sulphur and silica fume, and all pieces have been provided with a 5 cm coating. Furthermore, they have been painted with epoxy primer.

Project Data

  • Client: SAICA
  • Owner: SAICA
  • Year of completion: 2011
  • Contract value: €458,891.00
  • Products provided: Column, rectangular beam, L-beam, slab, purlin, channel beam, wall panels
  • Precast volume: 589 m³

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