Underground Metro Station, Valencia

Underground Metro Station, Valencia

This project is divided in three parts: entrance hall to platforms in the lower level, pergola-type shelter and emergency exit.

The structure at street ground level consists of a deck of prestressed hollow-core slabs measuring 30, 50 and 63 cm deep, respectively, some of which are supported by beams with lengths between 15 and 17.40 m and others by retaining walls.

Platforms consist of 20 cm deep prestressed hollow-core slabs supported by 20 cm thick prefabricated walls.

The entrance hall is composed of a grid of columns, beams and slabs with a depth of 16 cm.

For the access and emergency structures prefabricated concrete stairs, supported by metal beams, have been used.

project Data

  • Client: UTE Metro 3 Alboraya
  • Owner: Generalitat Valenciana
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Contract value: €281,312.00
  • Products provided: Columns, beams, slabs, walls
  • Precast volume: 898 m³

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