Puebla Elevated Highway

MEXPREPAC S DEL RL DE CV, a company 100 % owned by GRUPO PACADAR, was awarded the manufacture of the precast concrete elements for the execution of the viaduct in the project "Second Floor of the Mexico-Puebla Highway" by Constructora de Proyectos Viales de México, S.A. de CV.

This structure consists of a stretch of 6.40 km with an standard deck 21.00 m width, and four areas with branches of variable width and a length of 1 km approximately. The solution chosen was an isostatic structure with different sorts of precast concrete elements. These elements are:

  • Footing-columns (the only element which combines footing and column), post-tensioned to the foundation piles, with a section ranging from 2.20 x 2.20 m to 2.40 x 2.40 m.
  • Headstock (Pier caps) with a variable section ranging from 2.40 x 2.30 m, a variable length ranging from 14.10 m to 31.93 m and a weight between 150Tn and 420Tn,
  • U-type girders (beams) 2.30 m depth and a length ranging from 31 to 42 m, as well as a weight ranging from 205Tn to 280Tn.
  • Lattice-reinforced precast slabs with a width ranging from 1.75 m to 3.00 m and a maximum length of 10.50m

The manufacturing project has been approached according to the concept of on-site plant which PACADAR develops in the frame of its internationalization strategy. Thus, in order to respond to the project in a fast and economical way, MEXPREPAC has set up a mobile factory in the State of Puebla (Mexico) which is only 900 m away from the Viaduct.

It is noteworthy that only 6 weeks elapsed between the establishment of the mobile factory and the manufacture of the first precast element (with a weight of 180 Tn).

In view of the needs of both the client and the project, this factory is able to produce more than 7.000 m³ per month of the different precast elements.

With this project, Grupo PACADAR gains a foothold in the Latin American market and becomes stronger in its internationalization plan, which started in 2009.

Project Data

  • 157,500 m2 of deck
  • Customer:CPVM (Constructora de Proyectos Viales de México)
  • 75,800 m3 of Concrete

Precast Pieces

Type Quantity Volume (m3)
Columns With Shoes 222 65 m3/piece
Pier Caps 185 59 m3/piece
Girders 357 2 m3/ml

Factory Implementation

  • Total Surface: 50Ha
  • Implementation Time: 2months
  • Working Force: 400
  • Total Investment: 4,5 M$


  • Decks: 600 m2/Day
  • Lintels: 4 Piece/week
  • Girders: 11 Piece/week
  • Columns: 9 Piece/week


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