PACADAR fully-integrated-solutions

Fully Integrated Solutions

PACADAR is a global company, specialising in end-to-end technical solutions for large-scale infrastructure projects.

The successful outcome of the projects we undertake is based on a number of key factors:

  • Integrity: Integrity lies at the core of our organisational culture. We apply the principles of honesty, trust, responsibility and respect to every aspect of our business operations and relationships.
  • Partnership: We consult closely with our clients from the outset of the project. This enables us to offer flexible services perfectly tailored to their requirements, and leads to long-term relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Value: By focussing on cost, and assigning professionals with the appropriate skillsets, we are able to deliver maximum value to our clients, whether we are working on a small, local assignment, or a large-scale infrastructure project.
  • Our People: The strength of our multi-disciplinary teams springs from the combined expertise and experience of our people. We attract, develop and retain top talent in order to grow our business and offer our clients the highest level of service.
  • Safety: Is embedded in our organisational culture and is a major consideration in all service areas. We ensure strict compliance with the relevant safety requirements both within our workplace, and on every project we undertake.

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