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The unique qualities of precast concrete structures make them especially suitable to be used in venues designed for holding leisure and sports events. When taking on the construction of projects such as sports centres, conference centres, cinemas, auditoriums and stadiums, our customers highly appreciate aspects such as:

  • Safety: high fire resistance with no additional treatment needed.
  • Durability: concrete is a really suitable material for venues housing a great number of people, due to its resistance to wear and tear.
  • Speed of assembly: making it possible to put the facilities into service within tight deadlines.
  • Flexibility: our precast concrete structures meet the most demanding architectural requirements.
  • We can also design enclosure systems that adapt to any shape and finish required.
  • Stiffness and strength: it can therefore bear the high loads usually carried by this type of buildings without deformations or vibrations.

The special durability and resistance to external agents of any kind displayed by concrete make it the most suitable construction material for its use in structures located in aggressive environments or requiring optimal responses to seismic actions.

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