PACADAR On-site-factories

On-Site Plants

Even though each project is different, Pacadar typically works with on-site manufacturing plants. Depending on the size of the project we can set up several factories along the alignment. This gives us competitiveness as logistic costs are dramatically reduced compared to local manufactures that have production facilities in distant locations.

We set up all manufacturing facilities inside the construction area in about 4 to 6 months, depending on the type and quantity of structures to be manufactured.

Our factories are tailor-made solutions and taking into account the nature and scope of the contract we can:

  1. Bring equipment and machinery from another on-site facility.
  2. Establish a Joint Venture with a local company.
  3. Buy a local company.

Even though option 1 is the most common, sometimes options 2 and 3 are required due to local regulations, permits or strategy.

During the quotation stage, our On-Site Plant Design Department studies and designs the whole facility, just for the supply of this specific project, which means that Pacadar is going to work exclusively for one project and one client. This gives us a huge flexibility to meet the client’s work schedule, either increasing or decreasing the production according to the client’s needs. We are able to set a third shift solution or a 24 hours/7 day a week solution to achieve the new milestones required by the client, and so it is guaranteed that the production will be ahead of schedule.

Our On-Site Plants are 100% industrial facilities with manufacturing procedures, quality controls, testing labs, and all the equipment necessary to guarantee scheduled deliveries and quality.

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