PACADAR Global Presence

Global Presence

PACADAR is strongly committed to being an international firm with global presence and with capacity to respond everywhere in the world where there are demanding projects in terms of the technical difficulty of the solution, the high precast volume and tight execution deadlines.

PACADAR develops an intense commercial activity to identify complex projects that require the involvement of a company specialized in the manufacture of precast concrete structures and with the technical and financial wherewithal to guarantee a speedy implementation in the location of the project and a production that meets the most demanding quality standards. PACADAR is currently present in America and Asia, developing a continuous commercial activity in a wide range of countries, where it has acquired a local knowledge of the legal framework for setting up and incorporating a company, besides the knowledge of the labour market regarding staff recruitment or selection of reliable suppliers that can work both in the preparation of offers and in the further performance of the contracts.

PACADAR is strongly committed to assisting its clients and offering them a competitive service in countries where they may develop their projects. PACADAR aims at gaining the loyalty of its clients, so they rely on PACADAR not only as a supplier, but rather as a partner to bring their international projects to success.

All the Departments of PACADAR acquire daily a large practical knowledge of all the elements involved in a project for establishment abroad, which allows us to respond with reliability and accuracy.

PACADAR is among world's major engineering and construction firms, be their scope international or limited to a single country, which makes us a reference partner for any project requiring a quick, reliable and competitive response.

Of particular note is the work of the Commercial Department, which proactively keeps relations with the most important engineering, construction and EPC companies by holding regular meetings, participating in international forums, seminars and fairs.

Besides, it provides solutions from the initial stages of the projects, contributing along with our clients to obtain project contracts by providing highly competitive, technical and financial solutions, as well as in the subsequent project implementation.

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