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Precast Manufacturing

Timely and according to the highest quality standards

Grupo PACADAR’s manufacturing plants and facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible to produce precast elements with the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Both the inner and outer finish of the elements satisfy the most demanding checks, which are performed by PACADAR itself within the frame of its policy and quality assurance procedures. These checks are implemented from the reception of raw materials, continue for the sample collection and tests of the concrete used, until the final inspection including visual and measurement inspection and acceptance of tolerances allowed.

PACADAR is also an innovative company as regards the use of new materials and components, such as resins, metal fibres, special additives, as well as regarding new manufacture machinery that enables a better use of the properties and characteristics of materials, thus obtaining a better structural performance in safer conditions. All this contributes also to precast elements that are safer, more reliable and more durable.

PACADAR utilizes also modern auscultation methods that make it possible to know, by means of 3D radiography, the actual performance of the elements, the alignment of the metal fibres, the adhesion of the reinforcing steel bars, the elongation and stress of the prestressing steel reinforcements or the absence of any particular voids, cracks or defects.

PACADAR currently has 10 factories which are all equipped with plenty of means for manufacturing a wide range of precast concrete products, both for civil engineering and building works. All the factories have their own batching plant, which gives a great autonomy when producing high volumes or concrete mixtures with very specific formulas. The plants also have an area for cutting, bending and producing ironwork, which enables the manufacture of any reinforced element, no matter how complex it is. Moreover, PACADAR is specialized in the production of large prestressed concrete elements. Thus, we are able to produce prestressed concrete beams and isostatic box girders of up to 50 m long and 2.50 m wide.

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