Health &Safety

Allways ensuring our workers's safety and well-being

PACADAR has a Health and Safety Department, which is responsible for protecting the health and safety of all workers by promoting good practice and minimizing risks in each area of the company.

This risk prevention policy takes the knowledge of and compliance with the existing regulations as the basis, and the necessary and specific training for all employees as the core, thus including regular training on the likely changes related to health and safety, for each and all the employees, and strict compliance with the regulations in all the departments of the company.

The use of heavy precast concrete elements requires a strict compliance of the protocols drafted by the Health and Safety Department, since safety and minimum risk are among the company's highest priorities.

Such compliance applies not only to the production itself, but also to other tasks such as handling for transportation and especially when assembling precast elements, which requires the use of heavy cranes for handling precast concrete elements properly.

PACADAR's manufacturing plants are organized in such a way that the movement of employees, materials, in-process and finished products, as well as mechanical and transport means, takes place in conditions of safety and absence of risk.

PACADAR aims at working in a safe environment, without incidents or professional accidents, thus ensuring all its workers the possibility of carrying out their tasks in a controlled and safe environment, without any kind of risk.

With the compliance of the health and safety policies, PACADAR contributes to shape the use of precast concrete elements in construction as a quick and safe building process, thus becoming a cheaper and more competitive process than traditional on-site concreting methods.

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