PACADAR project-expertise

Project Expertise

Successful engineering management is not just about technical expertise; it also requires strong management skills, including commercial awareness, business know-how and an appreciation of the surrounding environment.

An experienced engineering manager is able to grasp the big picture, understand how the various individual pieces operate and interact, and work with a multidisciplinary team to meet desired goals. At PACADAR, our engineering managers are experts in their field. We work on all stages of the project lifecycle, from design to erection.

We coordinate commercial and technical inputs and outcomes, while retaining a keen awareness of our clients’ business objectives at all times. Project governance is a crucially important aspect of our approach: we ensure that decision-making is logical, robust and auditable throughout the design, development and delivery of project services and infrastructure. This is reinforced by the vigorous, top-down ‘systems engineering’ approach we adopt in every project we undertake.

We pride ourselves on our deep technical expertise and experience in all service areas. Our teams provide innovative solutions that work for our clients and the communities in which they operate.

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